Thursday, July 28, 2011


Welcome to the first installment of my blog, "Proud, Loud and Clear."  The purpose of this 'tome', as it were, is to chronicle my thoughts on a variety of topics; they will range from politics, to the law, to the economy and environment, and LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) issues ... and the odds and ends that might pique my interest from time to time.  My hope in producing this blog is to add my voice to the collective discussion of those things which may have direct effect on myself and perhaps many, many others.  It is also my plan to offer a variety of suggested solutions to those problems which lend themselves to being 'fixed'.  And there will no doubt be times when I simply wish to get something off my chest.  In which case there may not be much forthcoming by way of solutions.  But to add to the stream of thought on any one matter, I believe, has merit and value. 

I welcome any and all comments, with one proviso; that comments always remain respectful of not only the points-of-view of myself and anyone else who might wish to add their voice to the discussion, but also remain respectful of the individuals themselves who express their thoughts here.  And I offer a challenge to any and all who wish to comment, now and in the future: improve the discussion.  While I like to think that I'm not as vain and narcissistic as some might be who offer their opinions to the world, I would be lying if I didn't admit to a certain amount of satisfaction when, following my posting on a topic, others agree with the thoughts that I shared.  I think we all enjoy when others agree with us; whatever the topic, issue or situation.  That said, I am also intelligent enough (and I daresay, wise enough) to know, understand and appreciate that not everyone feels as I do about any number of things.  Or, someone might have thoughts about an opinion I've expressed that greatly expands or expounds of my own words ... perhaps even taking the stream of thought to points where I might never have imagined or envisioned.  Whatever the case ... and whatever the situation ... there is no reason why intelligent individuals cannot come together and have a thoughtful, meaningful, and respectful dialogue on every issue imagineable.  I would encourage those who wish to lend their own thoughts to my blog by way of comments to, as I mentioned previously, "improve the discussion."  Add your own 'slant' on a particular issue.  Put forth your own solutionss for the many problems which I hope to address.  No one person has all of the answers.  It is the woefully ignorant person who believes they do.  This blog is as much a means for me to learn more about what others might think or feel with regard to the issues and/or topics discussed, as it is about me expressing my own opinions on those same issues and/or topics. 

With that said, let's discuss. 

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